It all started back in 2007 in Kornet Chahwan, where our passion for winemaking turned into a lifetime story. We fell in love with the process and journey itself and decided to turn a hobby into a family legacy. Rowan wine not only carries a story, but it also drags with it moments of laughter and happiness between friends and family. 

The past few years were a hard journey but despite that we poured all our hearts and souls into making something exceptionally rich in taste and raging in aromas.

The Rowan tree carries with it a long, figurative history. Since ancient times, people have been planting a Rowan beside their home because it is known as the Tree of Life in Celtic mythology. This tree comes to represent courage, wisdom, and protection.

Rowan being a boutique winery, we place quality above quantity.
Our vision is to become the brand of choice of every wine connoisseur
& the favorite brand of niche wine lovers.